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  • Song Sheet is a very affordable software program designed to help organize your lyric sheets and save you time. 

  • Incorporating sophisticated programming, Song Sheet provides you with many great features needed by a busy guitar player/song writer.

  • You can toggle between formatted text (standard text) and unformatted text (chordpro text) with the ability to edit in both modes.

  • Use tags and comments to make your lyrics sheets so easy to understand that even the most inexperienced guitar player can follow along. 

  • Easily create word sheets, fake books, lead sheets, and more.

  • Open and edit ChordPro files and save them back in the Song Sheet format (very similar to ChordPro).

  • Place lyrics, chords and chord diagrams on a single page.

  • Type in the words and place the chord names within the lyrics using the insert chord name method or just type them in.

  • Need the song in a different key? The transpose function allows you to go up or down by 1/2 steps.

  • Create chords using up to and including the 16th fret.

  • Over 1500 chord diagrams come with the program.  If you don't find the one you want, create it in the Chord Editor and play it back using the Play Chord function (you will need a sound card and speakers for this).

  • If all you need is a sheet with just the words then use the Word Sheets function to produce a 2-column printed page of selected songs or save as a RichText (rtf) or Plain Text (txt) file for editing.

  • If you save the lyric sheets to the .rtf file format, you can edit it using  MS Word, WordPad or any text editing program that recognizes the RTF file format.

  • Create Fake Books or Song Books.

  • Perfect for the worship leader for home groups or in the church.

  • Free 15 day or 60 hour (whichever comes first) full function trial.

  • Song Sheet comes with free unlimited technical support via e-mail.

To save your files in the PDF file format, go to www.primopdf.com and download the

free print driver or you can use the free Cute software that you can get here.

Song Sheet for Ukulele is now available

Please use the Download link to get the install file

Looking for an app for the iPad? Click here.

Free Song Sheet software download

Song Sheet is Windows 8 compatible


Current Version is

FileMove will help you to move all of the files into the proper directories

if you are updating from anything below version


Download FileMove

Mark Thijssen (who has been a user since 2007) has provided an updated chord

database that contains over 1500 chords and is quite an addition to the program.

Thanks Mark!!!!

If you don't already have the database, you can

download it by clicking here.

  Song Sheet gives you the ability to share your song creations in a readable format.

Add instructional comments along with verse, chorus, bridge, intro, outro and refrain tags.

Song Sheet is perfect for the guitar player or worship leader that needs to share lyrics, chords and instructions of a song with other players.


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